galerie les Chantiers Boite Noire

Eudes Menichetti

Eudes Menichetti practises today the self-portrait with humour and imagination in using the anatomical imagery and the private diary his private life. He seeks there what one drives back in this kind ratified by the history of art: very complex networks of the nervous system, or the vesselsblood, entrails.  All this part underlying, which to make started from ourself and our ego, is not less for as much our unknown factor.

In answer to the question “Who am I? ” the artist exposes, dissects and probes the human body (his body) for better exploring the cerebral world with the will to be explained (the world), the existence and human potential.

“Man-fern with an exacerbated capillary network, self-portrait raising the vertiginous mask of the blood vessels in two colors, like one Aboriginal out of time. But also emanations of the black-side fantasy with a latent return to the dreams in fight against blind happiness, paradise of childhood revisited by the fear of oneself: what to seize, frightened, without respite, the sensitivity of flayed alive view of this chap…”