galerie les Chantiers Boite Noire


Hadrien Gérenton

Automated reefs

du 18.11.2023 au 23.12.2023




Automated reefs


But the impression remains: we are already outside the kingdom; and from

the first glance, the standard partition of the world between human, animal,

vegetable and mineral is disqualified. In this ecosystem, to the condition of a

humanity that has irrevocably entered the Anthropocene era…

In the image of a nature that is also post-human, Hadrien Gérenton’s sculptures embody the advent of a new materiality whose original purity could be nothing more than a vague mythological tale.

For the artist, the crossroads between the organic and the chemical, where the abstract parasites the anthropomorphic, are extended by an installation of platforms entitled Landscapes merging platform.


Hadrien Gérenton, born in 1987 is graduated from EsbaMoCo, Les Arts

déco Paris and De Ateliers Amsterdam, he lives and works between Brussels,

Rotterdam and Thaïland.

His work has recently been shown at Galerie Martin Van Zomeren (Amsterdam, 2018), Michiel Simmons gallery, (Amsterdam 2022), TARS gallery, (Bangkok 2022), Lustwarande (Tilburg, 2019), Emerige Mécénat (Paris, 2021) and Les chantiers- BoîteNoire (Montpellier 2017, 2019)

Lauréat de Mécènes du sud Montpellier - Sète 2017.